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Renee & Jeremy began as a simple attempt by two friends to make a record for kids and families that reflected our affection for the quiet, downtempo side of song. We both love artists like Nick Drake, Mazzy Star and Talk Talk. And we thought it would be sweet to bring some of that hush into the sunny, upbeat world of children’s music.

Actually, it began even simpler than that. Back in 2006, Renee, who was pregnant at the time, asked Jeremy if he wanted to collaborate on a song for a lullaby record she was planning to make. Jeremy played Renee and her husband, Paul, a tune called Welcome to This World, which he had written for the birth of his son, Miles. Renee probably broke into harmony, which is something she does quite often. Paul proclaimed that the two of them must make a record together. And the rest is lullaby history.

We wrote a batch of songs in a flurry of inspiration, then recorded them with producer, Herb Graham Jr., mostly live, in the room that would become Renee’s daughter, Amelia’s nursery. Those recordings turned into our first record, It’s A Big World. And that record became a bit of a nap and nighttime favorite with little ones and big ones alike.

We went on from there to record a more up-tempo toddler collection for C’mon... Followed that with a record of quiet covers, from Queen to the Chili Peppers, called A Little Love… And then got our whisper folk holiday spirit on with Sunny Christmas. Renee has since released her own beautiful family records under the Renee & Friends moniker, with Jeremy taking time out from wrangling teen sons to collaborate on a tune for each.

The adult music world knows us for solo work as Renee Stahl and Jeremy Toback, with Jeremy the original bassist of cult grunge band, Brad. But we’ve both found a musical home and haven in the low harmony of Renee & Jeremy. We remain amazed and honored by the way parents, children and even folk who don’t fit those categories continue to take our music into their homes and hearts.

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